What is Moolala?


We bring you discounts on your favorite products and exclusive retailer coupons. Our new timer lets you view new offers every half hour.


Five-minute Giveaways for gift cards, hot items and more come up randomly. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those!


Our unique Paymatrix system lets you earn as your friends buy Moolala offers. Plus, when your friends win Giveaways, you win too!

The Paymatrix

Our Paymatrix is a unique opportunity for you to earn money and score awesome Giveaway prizes just by referring your friends to Moolala!

Purchase and Be Rewarded

Earn 2% back on every purchase you make on Moolala and if anyone you refer makes a purchase you earn 2% of what they spend. If you buy the offer first, you’ll earn even more moola for each purchase made by your Paymatrix members!

That money will be credited to your Paymatrix Account, where you can use it toward the purchase of other offers, or you can cash it in for a check mailed right to your door!

Share Socially and Refer

Invite people or share deals and Giveaways through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. If anyone joins Moolala from your shared links, they are added to your Paymatrix as your second level.

Alternatively, they can use the email address you are signed up with on Moolala to say you referred them if they don’t click to Moolala using one of your unique sharing links.

5 Levels For More Rewards

The Paymatrix consists of five levels, with you as the first level. If anyone within those five levels ever purchases an offer on Moolala, you’ll earn 2% of what they spend. If your second level Paymatrix members invite people who then enroll, they are added to your Paymatrix at the third level.

If these people invite others who join Moolala, they are added to your Paymatrix at the fourth level. And if any of these people invite and have friends join, they are added to your Paymatrix at the fifth level. That’s a lot of people!